Amge Real Estate Advisors offers Dutch and international clients advice on investment issues and / or market propositions. We work in close co-operation with our clients in order to formulate the advice that best suits the needs of our clients and to find the most optimal solution for them. Besides offering strategic advice to our clients, we also provide assistance in (re)structuring, positioning and promoting investment propositions.

Our office is your one-stop shop for personal and tailored advice, for instance when you are selling or buying or wish to use a leaseback construction. Amgea Real Estate Advisors has a longstanding market experience in such areas as dwelling portfolios, retail property, office and industrial spaces. Whether the advice you seek concerns a single object or an extensive investment portfolio, our office will support you in finding the appropriate solution to achieve a maximum ROI.

Amgea Real Estate Advisors, well-connected in an international network and co-operating with various large institutional investors and banking organisations, has up-to-date knowledge of the local and international real estate market. We offer you support and guidance all the way: from market analysis to commercial negotiations and finalisation of the selling process. Besides offering advice we can also help you with the technical aspect of a purchase, i.e. carrying out structural due diligence assessments. Our integral approach also includes advising on, and acting as an intermediary in, real estate financing, in which area we have extensive experience.